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T Reed 2 Gallon Ohio Blue Decorated Stoneware Crock For Sale

T. Reed 2 Gallon Blue Decorated Stoneware Ovoid Crock (Ohio Origin) »

Circa 1840s: Thomas Reed is the most prolific and celebrated potter in Tuscarawas County, Ohio's long history, and he threw, decorated, and fired stoneware there for two decades before moving to Greene County, Indiana. This two gallon ovoid storage jar is decorated from top to bottom with Reed's signature tulip and is impressed with his classic bowed T REED stamp.

For Sale: $795

Blue Decorated Stoneware Cake Pan Antique Crock Pennsylvania Salt Glazed 19th Century Pottery For Sale

3 Gallon Stoneware Crock Attributed to Upton Stuckey»

Circa 1860-1880: Measuring 10.75" tall and 10" in diameter, this 3 gallon straight-sided stoneware crock with freehand cobalt decoration is attributed to Upton Stuckey's Martin County pottery in Loogootee, Indiana, which Upton Stuckey ran with his father Martin Stuckey, the first potter in Martin County, for nearly 50 years.

For Sale: $495

Antique Indiana Stoneware 2 gallon Blue Decorated Crock by Upton Stucky

Attributed Upton Stuckey 2 Gallon Stoneware Crock »

Circa 1860-1880: Measuring 10.75" tall and 8.25" in diameter, this 2 gallon straight-sided stoneware crock with freehand cobalt decoration is attributed to Upton Stuckey's Martin County pottery in Loogootee, Indiana, which Upton Stuckey owned with his father Martin, the first potter in Martin County, for about 50 years.

For Sale: $395

Five Gallon Southwestern Pennsylvania Salt Glazed Cobalt Decorated James Hamilton Crock For Sale From Z and K Antiques

Greensboro PA James Hamilton & Co. 5 Gallon Blue Decorated Storage Jar »

Circa 1870s: This five gallon freehand and stencil decorated James Hamilton & Co. salt glazed storage jar features three bold freehand stripes and an unusual grape stencil. This fabulous piece of Greene County Pennsylvania stoneware measures 15" in height, has great contrast, and is decorated from top to bottom. The crock's large size, scarce decoration, and excellent visual appeal cobine to make it a very desirable piece of Southwestern Pennsyvania stoneware, and we're sure that the new owner will be pleased with this hansome storage jar turned on the wheel at one of the most renowned potteries on the storied Monongahela River.

For Sale: $895

Antique American Stoneware Salt Glazed Crock Star of David Cobalt Blue Decoration Seymour Brothers Hartford Connecticut

Seymour Brothers 2 Gallon Crock with Blue Decorated Star of David »

Circa 1866-1871: In 1866 shortly after the close of the Civil War, brothers Orson Hart Seymour and Henry Phelps Seymour partnered a shortlived Hartford, Connecticut, pottery business that lasted until Henry's death in 1871. Subsequently, salt glazed stoneware marked with the "Seymour Brothers Hartford" stamp is fairly uncommon, and this undamaged two gallon handled stoneware jar with its unusual Star of David decoration is a real treat.

For Sale: $750

Blue Decorated Stoneware Cake Pan Antique Crock Pennsylvania Salt Glazed 19th Century Pottery For Sale

1 1/2 Gallon Blue Decorated Stoneware Cake Pan »

Circa 1841-1843: Comstock's seminal tome The Pottery of the Shenandoah Valley Region is of great assistance in attributing this Shenandoah Valley of Virginia 1 1/2 gallon stoneware cake pan to Solomon Bell's two-year stint at his father Peter Bell's pottery before Solomon began marking his pottery sometime in 1843.

Sale Pending

Hamilton and Jones Greensboro Pennsylvania Cobalt Decorated Salt Glazed 2 Gallon Stoneware Storage Jar with Center Star Motif

Hamilton and Jones 2 Gallon Storage Jar with Center Star Motif »

Circa 1870s: Here is a classic two gallon Greensboro PA Hamilton and Jones 11.5" tall storage jar with exuberantly decorated stencil decoration that includes a circular maker's mark surrounding a central patriotic star.

For Sale: $625

Enoch Fowler Beaver County Pennsylvania 3 Gallon Cobalt Decorated Stoneware Churn For Sale

Enoch Fowler Beaver County PA 3 Gallon Blue Decorated Churn »

Circa 1850s: Enoch Fowler is one of Beaver County, Pennsylvania's most celebrated potters, and this hefty three gallon cobalt decorated churn is super well potted and beautifully decorated to boot, showing why wares from Fowler's kiln were so popular in Western Pennsylvania.

For Sale: $795

New Geneva PA 4 Gallon Cobalt Decorated Salt Glaze Stoneware Crock R. T. Williams

4 Gallon R.T. Williams New Geneva PA Blue Decorated Storage Jar »

Circa 1890s: Dark and crisp cobalt freehand and stencil decoration covers the length of this 15" New Geneva, Pennsylvania, R.T Williams four gallon storage jar.

For Sale: $850

Williams and Reppert Greensboro PA 2 Gallon Cobalt Decorated Stoneware Crock

2 Gallon Williams & Reppert Greensboro PA Blue Decorated Storage Jar »

Circa 1880s: Here is a nice example of a two gallon storage jar potted by the Greensboro, Pennsylvania firm of Williams and Reppert. This crock is made from red clay prevalent in Southwestern PA and has the usual dark slip with freehand and stencil cobalt decoration.

For Sale: $395

Hamilton and Jones Blue Decorated Rose Stencil Salt Glazed Wax Sealer Stoneware Crock

Hamilton & Jones Rose Stencil Blue Decorated Stoneware Crock »

Circa 1870-1880: This 10", 1 gallon, Hamilton & Jones stoneware crock is decorated with a large rose stencil. No chips, cracks or restoration, minor crazing over surface, on this popular Hamilton and Jones motif. James and William ‘Leet’ Hamilton, arrived from New Brighton, Pennsylvania, around 1850 to start a pottery manufactory of their own.

For Sale: $495

Signed West Troy Pottery Cobalt Decorated New York Stoneware Script Jug from Nausbaum and Son, Albany NY

Antique American One Gallon Stoneware Cream Crock »

Circa 1880: This wonderfully thrown little semi-ovoid cream jar has beautiful lines and tastefully simple cobalt decoration. Condition is excellent on this attractive one gallon Ohio or Pennsylvania cream crock.

For Sale: $225

A. Conrad New Geneva PA Antique Blue Decorated Stoneware

A. Conrad New Geneva Blue Decorated Stoneware Jar »

One Gallon: Standing 10" in height, with a blue freehand stripe painted under the rim and nice A. Conrad New Geneva stencil with decoration on the front.

For Sale: $295

Antique Hamilton and Jones 2 Gallon Blue Decorated Stoneware Jar from Greensboro Pennsylvania PA

Hamilton and Jones 2 Gallon Blue Decorated Stoneware Jar »

Circa 1880s: Standing 12" in height, with 5 blue freehand stripes and nice, well done stencil decoration, this is a classic example of the highly collected Hamilton and Jones pottery.

For Sale: $485

Baltimore Antique Cobalt Decorated Salt Glazed Stoneware Crock

Baltimore Antique Cobalt Decorated Salt Glazed Stoneware Crock »

Circa 1850: This stamped 3 semi-ovoid 14" storage jar shows attributes from both Baltimore and Philadelphia but was probably made in Baltimore during the 1850s. Condition is excellent with only minor flaking on the top and bottom rims of the jar—no cracks or repairs. The large size of this handsome jar and its dark cobalt hand painted floral decoration will make it stand out in any collection of quality stoneware or early American antiques.

For Sale: $595

Cobalt Blue Decorated Tulip Freehand Four Gallon Salt Glaze Stoneware Crock

Cobalt Blue Freehand Decorated 4 Gallon Antique
Stoneware Crock with Tulips »

Circa 1880: Four gallon blue decorated stoneware crock with freehand tulip decoration.

For Sale: $450

1830s Ovoid Ohio Antique Blue Decorated Stoneware Storage Jar with Freehand Decoration

Early Ohio Two Gallon Ovoid Salt Glazed Storage Jar  »

Circa 1830s: This lovely cobalt decorated ovoid storage crock is the country decorator's dream. The rustic mottled gray of the glaze, the primitive cobalt tulip, the stone pops and pock marks of a 180 year history, and its early ovoid form combine to make this ruggedly handsome storage jar a perfect fit on painted crock bench or in an old open cupboard.

For Sale: $695

Alexandria VA Virginia John Swann Antqiue American Southern Stoneware Cobalt One Gallon Storage Jar For Sale

Early One Gallon Blue Decorated Stoneware Storage Jar
Possibly Attributed to John Swann, Alexandria, Virginia »

Circa 1820-1830: Standing ten inches in height, this early and interesting one gallon stoneware storage jar sports a simple but unusual dotted cobalt decoration around its shoulder. Although unsigned, the decoration, glaze color, and form of this jar resemble the work of Alexandria, Virginia's master potterJohn Swann. Swann is known to have begun decoratiing his pottery in order to compete with the potters in Baltimore, who already specialized in blue decorated wares.

For Sale: $695

New Geneva PA Highly Decorated 7 Inch Tanware Pitcher For Sale: Pennsylvania Brown Paint Decorated Flower Design Tourist Pottery

New Geneva PA Highly Decorated 7 Inch Tanware Pitcher »

Circa 1880-1900: Tanware was manufactured in New Geneva, Pennsylvania from approximately 1880 until just after the turn of the 20th century and was sold mainly to tourists as souvenirs. Thus, great care was taken in making beautiful and elaborate hand-painted decoration on these pieces, and this is why Pennsylvania tanware ranks as some of the most highly prized and collectible antique American stoneware.

For Sale: $1,495

Sleepy Eye Blue and White Decorated Pitcher: Signed and Dated 1910 by Frank Haw

Important Frank Haws Western Stoneware Old Sleepy Eye
Blue & White Folk Art Lunch Hour Pitcher Signed FH 1910 »

Circa 1910: Here is the finest Western Stoneware lunch hour piece we have ever seen. Frank Haws, one of the most prolific, highly skilled, and important of Western's potters, crafted this exuberantly cobalt decorated Old Sleepy Pitcher in 1910. Lunch hour pitchers from Western Stoneware are highly prized, and pieces signed by known potters are extremely rare and desirable. This stunning one of a kind Illinois folk art stoneware pitcher is a fabulopus example of American folk art and could be the centerpiece in any advanced collection of Illinois stoneware or blue and white potttery.

For Sale: $2250

Previously Sold Pieces:
A.P. Donaghho Parkersburg, West Virginia 1 Quart Tophat Canning Jar

A.P. Donaghho Parkersburg, West Virginia 1 Quart Tophat Canning Jar »

Circa 1870s: A.P. Donaghho is, by far, the most prolific 19th century West Virginia potter, and this diminutive 5.5" tall one quart tophat wax sealer is one of the most coveted of Mr. Donaghho's forms. This example has excellent color and nice dark, readable stencil decoration, which both add to the desirability of this attractive piece of antique American salt glazed, cobalt decorated stoneware.


Antique Indiana Stoneware Blue Decorated Churn Upton Stucky 19th Century Salt Glazed Pottery

Upton Stuckey Blue Decorated Stoneware Churn »

Circa 1870s-1880s: Here is a rare cobalt stenciled and freehand decorted 4 gallon stoneware churn potted by Upton Stuckey in Loogootee, Indiana. Upton and his father Martin, the first potter in Martin County, Indiana, and one of the first potters in the state, owned the pottery in Loogootee from 1842 until 1892, the year after Martin’s death.


T Reed 2 Gallon Ohio Blue Decorated Stoneware Crock For Sale

Greene County, Indiana, T. Reed Blue Decorated 2 Gallon Stoneware Jar »

Circa 1865: Prolific Northeast Ohio potter Thomas Reed showed up in Worthington, Indiana, in Greene County about 1864 and began making stoneware there. The Indiana jars are harder to find than the Ohio jars because Reed's stoneware output in Greene County was far less than his Ohio production.


One Gallon Antique American Stoneware Crock James Hamilton and Company Greensboro PA For Sale

James Hamilton & Co. Greensboro PA 1 Gallon Blue Decorated Storage Jar »

Circa 1870s: Profuse cobalt blue stenciled decoration and stellar condtion define this handsome 10" tall one gallon James Hamilton and Company storage jar. Exuberant and clear decoration adorns almost all of the field, making this one gallon Southwestern Pennsylvania storage jar very desirable. Additionally, this 19th century crock has no chips, cracks, or repairs and is guaranteed to please.


Rare Antique American Cobalt Blue Decorated Salt Glazed Stoneware Southwestern Pennsylvania 1 Quart Wax Sealer Canning Jar With 6 Stripes For Sale From Z and K Antiques

Rare Antique American Stoneware PA 6 Stripe Blue Decorated Wax Sealer »

Circa 1880s: It is extremely rare to find 19th century one quart Southwestern Pennsylvania canning jars with more than four stripes, and this superb petite and highly desirable 6.5" six stripe salt glazed wax sealer with thick dark cobalt blue freehand decorated stripes is absolutely over the top.


Southwestern PA One Quart 4 Striper Wax Sealer Canning Jar For Sale From Z and K Antiques

Antique Blue Decorated 1 Quart PA Wax Sealer With Four Bold Stripes »

Circa 1880s: One quart Southwestern Pennsylvania stoneware canning jars are highly desirable, and this 6 3/4" wax sealer with four thick dark cobalt stripes is absoulutely stunning.


Stephen B. Sweeney, Henrico County Virginia 2 Gallon Blue Decorated Stoneware Crock

S. Sweeney, Henrico County Virginia 2 Gallon Stoneware Crock »

Circa 1840-1860: Stephen B. Sweeney (1799-1863) Henrico County, Virginia. The Sweeney pottery included several kilns and he expanded and flurished until the Civil War when most of his property was destroyed. Sweeney died in 1862, and his remaining stock was sold at auction. Sweeney’s Hotel & Pottery lives to this day as a noted landmark in the diaries and accounts of Civil War soldiers. This 2-gallon storage jar is indicitive of the Sweeney pottery. Measures 12"h


McCarthy and Bayless Louisville Kentucky Blue Decorated Stoneware Wax Sealer

McCarthy & Bayless, Louisville, KY Wax Sealer »

Circa 1880s: This 8" McCarthy & Bayless Lousiville, Kentucky, half gallon wax sealer is a real teat. Other than some typical chipping on the inside lip, this great Kentucky jar has no other chips, cracks, or repairs. 19th century Kentucky stoneware is in great demand, and this small wax sealer is sure to please.


Large Antique Ovoid Stoneware Jug with Blue Freehand Decoration, Incluing Striped Handle, Large Wisteria Flower, Inscribed No. 5

5 Gallon Ohio Blue Decorated Antique Ovoid Stoneware Jug »

Circa 1830-1850: Measuring 15 1/2" tall and 10 1/2" wide, this rugged 5 gallon Ohio ovoid jug with floral decoration and a neat decorated handle is a sight to behold. The charming floral decoration approximates the wisteria and counterpoints the masculine beauty of this formidable hunk of early American stoneware.


Virginia Antique Cobalt Decorated Stoneware Merchant Jug 19th Century

E.B. Taylor, Richmond, Virginia, Stencil Decorated Merchant Jug »

Circa 1880s: A.P. Donaghho, West Virginia's premier potter, made this rare 1/2 gallon 9 1/2" jug for Richmond VA merchant E.B. Taylor. Conditon is excellent with only a single minute flake on the lip. Jugs of this size, especially in this fine condition with a good, clear cobalt signature, are very hard to find and are extremely desirable by collectors who love diminutive pieces for the simple reason that they take up less shelf space than their hefty counterparts.


James Hamilton and Company 4 Gallon Blue Decorated Salt Glazed Stoneware Churn

Four Gallon Blue Decorated James Hamilton Churn »

Circa 1860-1880: Bold and rich freehand and stencil cobalt blue decoration define this nicely propotioned 16" tall four gallon James Hamilton and Company churn. Exuberant stripes adorn the base and rim, with thick spins of the brush around each handle and a few dots for good luck on the handle tops. The front stencil is well done, with the thick, rich, bold blue that advanced collectors desire in Pennsylvania stoneware.


Wheeling WV Antique American Stoneware Merchant Jug S. Horkheimer and Son

S. Horkheimer and Son Wheeling WV 4 Gallon Double Handled Merchant Jug »

Circa 1880s: Double handled West Virginia merchant jugs are rare and desirable, and this spectacular S. Horkheimer and Son four gallon jug from Wheeling will put a smile on even the most advanced Pennsylvania and West Virginia stoneware collector's face. Simon Horkheimer and his son Myer ran a general store together in Wheeling in the 1880s until Simon's death in 1889.


Palatine WV Knotts & Swindler 2 Gallon Cobalt Decorated Stoneware Storage Jar

Knotts & Swindler Palatine WV 2 Gallon Storage Jar »

Circa 1870s: We love the large block lettering and slightly of center two gallon capacity mark on this neat salt glazed storage jar manufactured by the Palatine, West Virginia, pottery firm Knotts and Swindler.


Ovoid One Gallon Jug with Cobalt Floral Decoration Possibly D.P. Shenfelder, Reading PA

Ovoid One Gallon Jug with Cobalt Floral Decoration
Possibly Attributed to D.P. Shenfelder, Reading, PA  »

Circa 1830-1850: Although unsigned, this handsome 10 1/2" tall ovoid blue decorated antique stoneware jug features the tilted floral decoration present on many forms of pottery from Daniel Shenfelder's shop in Reading, Pennsylvania.


Hamilton and Jones Greensboro Pennsylvania Cobalt Decorated Rose Stencil Salt Glazed 6 Gallon Stoneware Crock

Hamilton and Jones 6 Gallon Blue Decorated Stoneware Crock »

Circa 1870s: The exuberant freehand and stencil decoration covers the entire field of this 14.5" tall by 12" diameter straight sided Greensboro, Pennsylvania, Hamilton and Jones six gallon storage jar. Condition of this 19th century jar is outstanding.


Antique Indiana S. Weiss Lamar 8 Gallon Merchant Crock

Antique Blue Decorated 1 1/2 Gallon Stoneware Jar »

Circa 1850: This interesting antique American stoneware storage jar with its color of its clay , the style of the handles, and 1 1/2 gallon markbe can be attributed to Baltimore, Maryland. The unique freehand painted chain decoration runs fully around the crock, with a double chain link on one side. Boasting excellent condition, this Mid Atlanctic crockery has a wonderful semi ovoid form. Measures 11 1/2" tall


One Gallon Blue Decorated Stoneware Cake Crock Remmey Pennsylvania Salt Glazed Antique Pottery

One Gallon Blue Decorated Lidded Cake Crock »

Circa 1860-1880: This one gallon blue decorated stoneware cake crock with original lid is attributed to Philadelphia's Richard Remmey. Floral decoration circles the entire crock, and there are cobalt brush strokes between the handles, a common feature on Remmey stoneware. A one gallon capacity stamp is located between one of the handles.


Early 19th Century Stoneware Ovoid Blue Decorated New York Jar Marked Clark

1830s Clark & Co. Rochester New York Ovoid Stoneware Jar »

Circa 1838-1846: Standing 11 1/2"in height, this highly ovoid storage jar was maufactured by the storied New York Clark family of potters. This mark was used only for eight years and is fairly scarce on today's market. The crock has one outside rim chip and a couple minor inside dings but has no cracks or repairs and is in excellent condition for a piece of its advanced vintage. The large freehand numeral 2 leaves no mistake of its two gallon capacity and gives the crock a great country primitive appeal.


N. Clark and Sons, New York, Cobalt Blue Decorated 1 Gallon Ovoid Jar

N. Clark & Sons New York Blue Decorated Stoneware Crock »

Circa 1840-1850: 10" N. Clark & Co., Rochester, New York, nice size and ovoid form with wide band collar and applied strap handles and brilliant cobalt decoration.Please note minor base and rim chip, otherwise no restoration, cracks or damage. N. Clark was one of the most prolific potters in New York and this lovely piece boasts great brilliant cobalt decoration in bold, enthusiatic strokes.


Jackson Court House Ripley West Virginia Merchant Jar Blue Decorated Stoneware 19th Century For Sale

Jackson Court House Ripley West Virginia Merchant Jar »

Circa 1880s: This 10 1/2" tall one gallon merchant jar from James Poling's general store in Jackson Court House, West Virginia, is a tough one to find. Jackson Court House was changed simply to Jackson in 1893 (then to Ripley later in the decade); so this town name no longer exists. This is an extremely clean wax sealer with only a super minor typical nick or two on the inside rim. West Virginia stoneware collectors will delight in this great piece of 19th century Jackson County history.

SOLD to the Poling family!

Antique Blue Decorated Stoneware Water Cooler Salt Glazed Pennsylvania Stoneware Crocks for Sale

Blue Decorated Richard Remmey Water Cooler »

Circa 1870s: Character abounds in this highly decorated Richard Remmey blue decorated, salt glazed, antique water cooler. Here is use history to the max and one can only begin to picture the thirsts that were quenched around this 19th century water cooler.


Antique Indiana S. Weiss Lamar 8 Gallon Merchant Crock

Charles M. Pfeifer & Company |Cincinnati, Ohio, 1 Gallon Little Brown Jug »

Circa 1880s: Potted, decorated, and kiln fired in Cannelton, Indiana, this scarce one gallon Ohio merchant jug was brushed with dark chocolate brown Albany slip and stenciled with Cannelton's signature mustard slip decoration. Chas. M. Pfeifer & Co. was in business in Cincinnati from 1882 until 1916 and specialized in wholesale whiskey sales with such brands as Billy Baxter's Best, Estil Springs, Three Owls, XXXX Golden Rye, and Yellow Label.


Antique Stoneware Blue Decorated Bedford PA Pottery For Sale

Hedding and Covalt, Bedford PA 2 Gallon Merchant Jar »

Circa 1880s: Here is a scarce and hard to find two gallon merchant jar from Bedford, Pennsylvania merchants Hedding and Covalt. This piece of blue decorated stoneware has good, clear cobalt stencil decoration that covers its field from top to bottom. Condition is excellent -- no, chips, cracks, or repairs. We have seen a few one gallon jars from Hedding & Covalt find their way to the open market, but this is the first time we have seen a two gallon example from this merchant.


David Albright Trumbull County Ohio Antique Blue Decorated Stoneware 19th Century

David Albright, Trumbull County Ohio Blue Decorated Stonewar Jar »

Circa 1830s: Standing 11 1/2" in height, this early, marked D. Albright blue decorated stoneware jar from Ohio has excellent form and wonderful character.


West Virginia Antiques Blue Decorated Richey Hamilton Palatine Stoneware Jar

West Virginia Antique Blue Decorated Stoneware Jar »

Circa 1880s: Half gallon, 8" tall, blue stencil decorated small stoneware jar from Palatine West Virginia.


John Weaver Beaver County PA Antique American Cobalt Blue Decorated Stoneware

1850s Beaver County J. Weaver 4 Gallon Stoneware Jar »

Circa 1850s: Standing 14 1/2" in height, this meaty four gallon storage jar was maufactured by John Weaver of Beaver County, Pennsylvania. Stoneware manufactured in Beaver County is often boldly decorated, and this handsome jar's cobalt design, which approximates grapevines, is a stunning and imaginative example of the work done by the decorators at Mr. Weaver's pottery works. One should note that Weaver's stoneware is extremely shiny. This is because decorators in this shop -- and elsewhere in Beaver County, to be sure -- first covered the stoneware with a gray slip as to mask the dull red clay of the region before they brushed cobalt onto the pieces and fired them in the kiln. In other words, there are two layers of slip on Weaver's salt-glazed pottery, and this process made the stoneware more attractive and thus more marketable in its day.


Pennsylvania Antique Hamilton Jones Greensboro Blue Decorated Butter Churn Country Primitives For Sale

Hamilton & Jones Greensboro PA 6 Gallon Salt Glazed Churn »

Circa 1880s: Decorated stoneware churns are always desirable, and this large 18 1/2" six gallon Hamilton & Jones butter churn with profuse freehand and stenciled cobalt blue decoration surely fits the bill.


New York Antique Chollar Darby Blue Decorated Stoneware Jar

New York Antique Chollar Darby Blue Decorated Stoneware Jar »

Circa 1840: Here is a meaty three gallon 12 1/2" tall ovoid storage jar with floral cobalt blue decoration manufactured by Cortland, New York's Chollar, Darby & Company. this jar has no cracks or reapair and only a few minor flakes around the rim which do not detract from its appearance. The large handles are extremely well-made, and the extreme ovoid form of the jar will make it pop in a collection of antique American stoneware and fine country primitive antiques.


Massachusetts Antique Norton Blue Decorated Water Cooler

4 Gallon F.B. Norton Worcester MA Blue Decorated Water Cooler »

Classic Norton Oak Leaf Decoration: The Norton family contains one of the most famous lines of American potters, and their production spans over a century. This is an uncommon form with lots of dark blue hand painted decoration from Worcester's most famous potter, Frank Norton.


Antique Stoneware Pitcher Blue Decorated Salt Glazed

Antique Blue Decorated Stoneware from Morgantown, WV »

Circa 1880s: Highly prized blue decorated stoneware produced in Morgantown, West Virginia, is hard to come by in any condition, and this handsome, folksy two-gallon storage jar with Morgantown's signature feather decoration has no chips, cracks, or repairs. Painted from top to bottom of its field in rich, pure, bold, and confident cobalt strokes, this superb example of antique American folk art pottery has the high blue/gray contrast and striking quantity of cobalt embellishment the discerning stoneware collector desires.


Antique American Stoneware Indiana or Ohio Cobalt Decorated Storage Jar

Ovoid One Gallon Freehand Blue Decorated Lidded Storage Jar »

Circa 1850s: Here is a wonderful 10" one gallon lidded ovoid storage jar with whimsical bold cobalt blue freehand decoration. When longtime Indiana stoneware expert Dr. Anthony Charles Stringfellow examined this jar, he immediately informed us that it is most probably from Annapolis, Indiana. "When you see a roomful of these pieces together," he commented, "you can tell by the ears and the clay that they are from Annapolis." Of course, we have never had the opportunity to view an entire collection of Annapolis, Indiana, stoneware as even a single piece is rare to find on the open market; so we are selling this jar as an early Midwestern (Indiana or Ohio) blue decorated one gallon ovoid storage jar.


Massachusetts Antique Whatley Blue Decorated Stoneware Jug Early 19th Century

T. Crafts & Company Whatley 1 Gallon Stoneware Jug »

Circa 1830s: Thomas Crafts of Whately, Massachusetts, began manufacturing stoneware in 1833 after a long stint in the pottery business. This well-turned 11 1/2" one gallon ovoid jug has no chips, cracks, or repairs, and has cobalt slip rubbed across its maker's stamp. This example of Whatley's exemplary craft exhibits the simple ovoid form at its finest.


Tanware 19th Century Pennsylvania Decorated Antique Pitcher with Lincoln Drape

7" Decorated Pennsylvania Tanware Pitcher »

Circa 1880-1900: Unusual Red Clay, Beautiful Form. This handsome half gallon New Geneva, Pennsylvania tanware pitcher displays Lincoln drape decoration.


West Virginia Antique Stoneware Old Virginia Pickles General Store Jar Blue Decorated 19th Century Country Primitive

Antique Stoneware McMechen's Old Virginia Pickles Jar »

Wheeling, West Virginia, Merchant Jar: We have not seen another example of this rare 15" tall five gallon Wheeling WV McMechen's Old Virginia Pickles jar as most of these Bristol glazed stoneware pickle jars were made for folks in the Midwestern states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri. This large and extremely scarce pickle jar is a certain fit for collectors of West Virginia advertishing stoneware and collectors of country general store items.


Redware Slip Decorated Plate

Yellow Slip Decorated Redware Bowl »

Circa 1850-1880: Excelent condition on this early american antique redware, slip decorated bowl. Six freehand painted yellow slip lines.


Cobalt Blue Decorated Beaver County PA Salt Glaze Stoneware Jar with Freehand Decoration

Freehand Decorated Beaver County, PA Semi-Ovoid
Salt Glaze Stoneware Crock  »

Circa 1850s: Wide swaths of freehand cobalt blue floral decoration populate the pleasing lines of this semi-ovoid salt glazed western Pennsylvania Beaver County two gallon storage jar. Beaver County stoneware is known for its bold and primitive decor against the region's dark clay, and this wonderful antique crock bears the classic attributes of its county's pre Civil War pottery. Decorated on front and back, this primitively elegant two gallon jar will hold its own among any fine collection of early American country wares.


Vermont Antique Bennington 2 Gallon Cake Crock Blue Decoration

J. and E. Norton Bennington, Vermont 2 Gallon Cake Crock »

Circa 1850s: The J & E Norton mark was used 1850-1859 when Julius and Edward Norton ran the family pottery in Bennington VT. This rare two gallon cake crock stands just over 7 1/2" tall has no chips, cracks, or repairs, and is decorated over most of its field with the traditional Norton cobalt floral spray. This piece probably never had a lid and was meant to have cheese cloth stretched over its lip and tied off with twine. This is a scarce and interesting form from one of the premier 19th century American families of potters.


Antique Indiana S. Weiss Lamar 8 Gallon Merchant Crock

S. Weiss Lamar, Indiana, 8 Gallon Merchant Crock »

Circa 1880s: Potted, decorated, and kiln fired in Cannelton, Indiana, this mammoth 16 1/2" tall eight gallon stonware jar was brushed with dark chocolate brown Albany slip and stenciled with Cannelton's signature mustard slip decoration. Indiana stoneware expert and collector Dr. Anthony Charles Stringfellow mentioned to us that he hs seen plenty of two gallon Weiss jars but has never seen one in a scarce eight gallon size.


Antique Stoneware Pitcher Blue Decorated Salt Glazed

Antique Stoneware Pitcher Blue Decorated Salt Glazed »

Circa 1870s-1880s: This striking double flower decoration on this folksy two gallon pitcher is classic Peter Hermann, Baltimore, Maryland's premier 19th century potter. This antique American stoneware pitcher has great lines, is big and bold, is in fantastic condition, and will make a superb addition to any collection of stoneware or early American antiques.


Rare Civil War Era Antique American Stoneware with Manganese Floral Decoration and incised Date 1863

Rare Civil War Era Stoneware Crock with
Unusual Manganese Floral Decoration »

Dated 1863: Note the stamped or more formally done "5" gallon mark overwritten by a large 4. An inscribed "4" was also added to the back of the crock so no mistake would be made on its size. Highly unusual manganese floral decoration and rare Civil War date make this an exceptional piece of antique American stoneware. This unusual jar measures 12" Tall, 7" Wide at the top, and 6 1/2" at the bottom.


West Virginia Antique Donaghho Cobalt Decorated Stoneware Crock

One Gallon Cobalt Decorated A. P. Donaghho Stoneware Crock »

Circa 1861-1890: A.P. Donaghho, West Virginia's premier potter, was in the pottery business for over three decades, and his output was great, thus testifying to his mastery of the craft and the high quality of the stoneware he produced. This pleasing 10" one gallon blue decorated storage jar is an excellent example of Donaghho's work. The stencil decoration is clear and dark, and the jar is potted perfectly, comes with no chips, cracks, or repairs, and is sure to please its new owner.


Antique American Redware Sewer Tile Lunch Hour Folk Art Recumbant Lion Ohio

Ohio Folk Art Sewer Tile Growling Recumbant Lion  »

Circa 1900-1925: Measuring just under 10" wide, this whimsical Ohio sewer tile recumbant lion sports crossed front paws, open mouth, and unusually positioned tail.


Antique Ohio Pottery Blue Decorated Stoneware Salt Glazed Jug Apple Country Primitive For Sale

Antique Ohio Blue Decorated Stoneware Apple Cider Jug »

Circa 1880s: This highly unusual Ohio one gallon apple cider jug stands 11" tall and features a rarely seen freehand apple decoration, showing this jug was meant to hold apple cider or apple jack, its fermented cousin. This neat piece of American stoneware has no chips, cracks, or repairs and has only an off center mouth hold from being placed on the bottom row of the kiln during the firing process. This actually gives the jug a great primitive look and adds to its folksy appeal, making it a wonderful addition to any collection of American folk art pottery, early stoneware, or country antiques.


New York Antique Early Blue Decorated Ovoid Salt Glazed Jug

Early New York Blue Decorated Ovoid Salt Glazed Jug  »

Attributed to Clarkson Croilus, Jr.: This beautifully primitive two gallon ovoid stoneware jug stands nearly 13" tall and is attributed to the Croilus family, most probably Clarkson Croilus, Jr., his celebrated father's namesake. There are no chips, cracks, or repairs on this fine example of early 19th century New York stoneware, and it will fit in perfectly in any collection of antique crockery or antique America country primitives.


American Antique Stoneware Cobalt Blue Decorated Southern James River Virginia Ovoid One Gallon Storage jar Moon Decoration For Sale

James River Virginia Ovoid Blue Decorated Salt Glaze
Stoneware Storage Jar »

Circa 1830-1850: This wonderfully primitive 10" James River Virginia ovoid jug sports a circle of coblat that is often referred to as moon decoration. The line on this piece are outstanding, and the cobaly decoration is both unusual and attractive. This is a very nice jar!


Redware Yellow Slip Decorated Plate with letters initials DE Antique Country Primitive

Early 19th Century Redware Plate with Yellow Slip Decoration
Script Reading "DE" with Squiggles Top and Botton  »

Circa 1820-1850: It is always exciting to find the antique redware in yellow script decoration with letters, names or other readble parts.


Signed West Troy Pottery Cobalt Decorated New York Stoneware Script Jug from Nausbaum and Son, Albany NY

Signed West Troy Pottery Cobalt Decorated
New York Stoneware Script Jug »

Circa 1880s: Five gallon script jugs are hard to find, and this handsome I. Nausbaum and Son Albany, New York merchant jug from West Troy Pottery is an excellent example of late 19th centruy American advertising stoneware. This piece is desirable because of its exuberant cobalt decoration, its unusually large size, and the fact that it is also signed by the pottery where it was turned. Condition is excellent with no chips or cracks and only som


New Geneva Tanware Pitcher for Sale Antique Pennsyvania Stoneware

Huge 11" New Geneva PA Tanware Pitcher »

Prufuse and Unusual Decoration: Here is a fabulous tanware pitcher meant for the most advanced and discerning collector. It is quite uncommon to find tanware pitchers that are taller than nine inches and have greater than a one gallon capacity. Thrown from the light colored upper river clay of the Monongahela, this one and a half gallon pitcher stands eleven inches in height and features highly unususal decoration which includes three stripes, two rows of swirls and top borders of leaf sprays.



Early Ovoid Redware Storage Jar »

Circa 1870-1880: Possibly Attributed to Galena, Illinois. This superb redware storage jar was found in northern Inidiana and shares all the attributes of pottery made in Galena, Illinois.


J Weaver Beaver County PA Pennsylvania Ovoid Blue Decorated Jug

J. Weaver, Beaver County PA Four Gallon Ovoid Jug
with Profuse Floral Decoration  »

Circa 1850s: This stunning 17" four gallon ovoid jug features a large, skillfully renedred, and highly contrasting leaf, stem, and double flower decoration typical of J. Weaver's pottery in far western Pennsylvania's Beaver County. This is a heavy piece of antique American stoneware with a thick but well-crafted handle and beautfully done ovioid form. This is a great piece of Pennsylvania stoneware and would be at home even in the most advanced collections.


Rare American Blue Decorated Stoneware For Sale: Beaver County Pennsylvania Cobalt Decorated 3 Gallon Cake Crock

Beaver County PA Cobalt Decorated 3 Gallon Cake Crock »

Circa late 1840s - late 1870s: Beaver County, Pennsylvania stoneware cake crocks are hard to find, and this J. Weaver three gallon cake crock is the largest example we have ever seen from the region.


J.A. and C.W. Underwood 2 Gallon Cobalt Blue Freehand Decoarted Churn with Bird on Branch for Sale

J.A. & C.W. Underwood Cobalt Decorated Churn with Bird »

Circa 1865-1867: The J. A. & C. W. Underwood pottery factory was located in  Fort Edward, N.Y. from 1865 - 1867.


Mochaware Footed Bowl

Mochaware Footed Bowl »

Circa 1820-1840: Brown seaweed dendritic decoration on white ground, outlined by two blue pinstrips on yellowware on wonderful raised foot.