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Unusual Americana & Folk Art Antiques
Historical Pottery, Paint Decorated Antiques, Patriotic and other Americana for Sale

Folk Art Antique American Hooked Rug of Dogs Named Bob and Rose

Folk Art Hooked Rug "Bob & Rose" with Stars & Hearts »

Circa Early 20th Century: Measuring a robust 64" by 27", this charming and colorful folk art hooked rug depicts a love story between two fine dogs, Bob and Rose. Note that our canine friends are looking into one another's eyes and are wagging their tails.

For Sale: $3750

Rare Midwestern Antique American Tin Litho Advertising: 1920s Sweet Girl Brand Peanut Butter Tin

Scarce Sweet Girl Brand Peanut Butter One Pound Tin »

Circa 1920s: Distributed in the Midwestern United States by the Geo. Rasmussen Co. of Chicago IL, Minneapolis MN, Milwaukee WI, and Des Moines IA, this eye catching one pound bail handled Sweet Girl Peanut Butter tin is a fabulous and hard to find example of early 20th century American tin lithograph advertising with its patriotic red, white, and blue color scheme on a soft baby blue ground.

For Sale: $495

19th Century Antique American Diminutive Eagle Weathervane For Sale

Antique American Diminutive Eagle Weathervane »

Circa Late 19th Century: We love the honest weathered surface on this diminutive eagle weathervane that measures only 14.25" high including museum stand and has a petite 16" wingspan. Possibly Harris and Company, Boston Mass.

For Sale: $3950

Tammany Antique Mechanical Bank For Sale

Original Paint Decorated Cast Iron Tammany Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1873: One of the most popular mechanical banks ever produced, the J. & E. Stevens Company Tammany mechanical bank portrays crooked New York politician William M. "Boss" Tweed and retains over 90% of its original paint, an unusually high amount for this particular bank.

For Sale: $750

Red white and blue Patriotic American Antique Parcheesi Folk Art Gameboard For Sale From Z and K Antiques

Red, White, and Blue Centennial Parcheesi Board in Original Paint »

Circa 1876: 19th century patriotic American antiques are difficult to find because of their popularity amongst collectors, and this red, white, and blue original paint decorated Parcheesi board with a labeled home square will not disappoint. The surface is untouched with wonderful use history.

For Sale: $2,450

Early 19th Century Watercolor Portrait Woman in Blue Dress Man with Top Hat and Watch Fob

Early 19th Century Full length Double Watercolor Portrait »

Circa 1830: Here, an unknown itinerant artist makes use of his talent in this interesting tale of a tall, portly gentleman holding his hat and making eye contact with a petite, educated, slightly older lady, book in hand, in an amazingly vivid blue dress as they stand on a boldly decorated carpet. Each gazing forward with their own purpose and past, this unlikely duo is captured in this charming early watercolor.

For Sale: $2350

Patriotoic Americana Watercolor Folk Art Painting Racing Schooner Joseph Pulitizer New York 1896 American Flag Race Boat

Patriotic Painting of Racing Schooner Ship Joseph Pulitzer »

Circa 1896: Measuring a compact and desirable 11 1/2" x 14" in its original 14 3/8" x 16 5/8" frame and housed under good, old wavy glass, this superbly rendered folk art guache or heavy watercolor painting of the racing schooner Joseph Pulitzer retains its vibrant colors, is labeled with Mr. Pulitzer's name three times, and is pictured with its American flag waving in the Atalantic Ocean's summer breeze.

For Sale: $1,850

Antique Uncle Sam Cast Iron Mechanical Bank

Antique Cast Iron
Uncle Sam Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1886: Shepard Hardware's Uncle Sam mechanical bank is the most widely recognized patriotic 19th century toy, which makes it highly prized among today's collectors of mechanical banks, cast iron toys, and patriotic Americana. This iconic mechanical bank is in completely original condition with no repairs and all original paint. This is a very fine bank in exellent condition.

For Sale: $2650

Original Blue Paint 18th Century New England Firkin For Sale

18th Century New England Sugar Bucket in Original Blue Paint »

Circa Late 18th Century: It is truly rare to find an 18th century firkin in its first paint, and this superbly constructed early American blue sugar bucket fits the bill. Measuring 10.25" tall and having a bottom diameter of 12.25" and a top diameter of 11.5", this country primitive firkin with interlocking lap joint construction retains its first painted surface and, amazingly, has not been scraped down or overpainted.

For Sale: $2850

Dark Town Battery Mechanical Bank For Sale

Rare Cast Iron Kenton Sight-Seeing Auto »

Circa 1905: What a pleasure it is to offer this extremely scarce Kenton Sight-Seeing Auto to the antique toy collecting community! Comic character automotive toys are far and few between, but the hefty 10" Sight-Seeing Auto is in a class of its own. This spectacular example is completely original, including its paint, steering wheel, and its five characters, which include Gloomy Gus, The Sailor, Mama Katzenjammer, Papa Katzenjammer and Happy Hooligan.

For Sale: $5,500

Antique Civil War GAR Canteen with Patriotic Flags and Original Paint Decoration

Civil War Canteen w/ Patriotic Flags and Folk Art Paint Decoration »

Circa 1876: This Civil War canteen belonged to Charles H. Davis, who served in Company G. of the 12th Massachusetts Volunteers. Obviously, Mr. Davis had his battle canteen painted for GAR reunion encampments, and we believe that this canteen was made for the centennial encampment because of the red, white, and blue American flag and shield and the additions of the words "Union" and "In God We Trust." This five color painted canteen would have made quite an impression on its viewers and would have showcased Mr. Davis's love of God and country, values which have become woven into the American fabric.

For Sale: $7250

Stump Speaker Antique 19th Century Original Cast Iron Painted Mechanical Bank For Sale Black Americana

Antique Cast Iron "Stump Speaker" Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1886: Designed by Charles Shepard and Peter Adams Jr., the Stump Speaker is perhaps the greatest Black Americana mechanical bank ever produced. The Stump Speaker, adorned with his tiny and comical tophat and bright green suit, stands on a four by five inch grey, red and gold base.

For Sale: $2950

19th Century Antique Oil Paiting on Canvas Portraits from Monmouth Illinois Rare Pair 1830s Midwestern Portraits Americana

Boy with Hoop Toy Early American Folk Art Oil on Canvas Portrait »

Circa 1840s: Fine early American folk art paintings of children with their toys are especially desirable, and this spectacular oil portrait of a young man with hoop toy from Androscoggin County, Maine, measures 30" tall by 25" wide and is housed in a 38 1/2" x 33 1/2" frame. When this portrait was sold in 1963, the dealer noted in a letter to his client that the sitter is P. Record of Turner Center, Maine and that the painting was purchased from the sitter's father, who himself was 91 years of age at the time of the sale. The anonymous artist who brought this likeness to life has depicted his sitter with a pleasingly calm and knowing expression while the twilight's last remaining embers glow orange above Maine's silhouetted, tree-lined mountains and the sky spreads its nightly blanket upon the countryside.

For Sale: $5,500

Odd Fellows Twelve Piece Folk Art Collection of Fraternal Symbols

Twelve Piece Folk Art Set of Odd Fellows Fraternal Symbols »

Circa 1930-1950: This set of twelve Odd Fellows fraternal symbols recently came out of the lodge in Kewanee Illinois. This is a very special and unique opportunity to acquire a whole set of carved American folk art in one collection. The symbols are fantastic, inclucing the most seen I.O.O.F. gravemaker symbol or emblem, The Chain With Three Links, meaning Friendship, Love, and Truth. Odd Fellows are also known as “The Three Link Fraternity.” Selling as a complete set.

For Sale: $2,400


Antique Uncle Sam Patriotic Nodder Large German Americana Toy

Antique Uncle Sam Patriotic Americana Nodder»

Late Nineteenth Century: This large antique German Uncle Sam nodder is a fantastic find. The great long legs harken to the Palmer Cox Brownie figures of the era. Wonderful Red and White striped pants and a bright yellow vest with little black buttons, a fancy blue tail coat, white gloves and a tall top hat dress up this wonderful antique Americana toy.

For Sale: $1650

Antique Drug Store Paint Decorated 19th Century American Countertop Apothecary Cabinet with Original Surface

Antique American Paint Decorated Apothecary Cabinet »

Circa 1880s: This highly unusual Victorian era countertop apothecary retaining its superb original red and black paint decoration was most probably perched in an old Midwestern pharmacy. The lead weightsthat help the tambour door work properly are signed "Raymond Lead Co. Chicago Ill." and point to the petitie cupboard's Midwestern origins. In 1880, the Raymond Lead Company opened its doors in the windy city a scant eight years after the great Chicago fire, and the dark red and black paint scheme is consistent with furniture made in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania during that time frame. The cabinet also utilizes both square and round nail construction, which also points to its fourth quarter 19th century origin. A mortar and pestle, the traditional pharmacy trade sign morif, adorns the cabinet's crown and is flanked by a pair of cut out four leaf clovers, a symbol of good luck for whoever might purchase the pharmacy's tinctures. This lovely paint decorated cupboard would make a perfect spice cabinet and would be at home in any fine collection of early American advertising, trade signs, or country store merchandise.

For Sale: $2950

Early 20th Century Antique American Folk Art Whirligig in original paint decoration

Antique American Naive Folk Art Painting Signed W. F. Warren »

Circa 1900-1920: This charmingly naive Massachusetts shoreline landscape depicts an idyllic summer day on the coast with horses, a fisherman, sailboats, houses, barns, trees, and a quaint country lane and showcases prominent and progressive 19th century theologian, philiospher, and university president W. F. Warren's artistic capabilitie, leaving no doubt that Warren was himself a true renaissance man. This wonderful and important piece of Boston University history would fit well in any collection of American folk art or items pertaining to Massachusetts, Boston, or Boston University itself.

For Sale: $1250

Sleepy Eye Blue and White Decorated Pitcher: Signed and Dated 1910 by Frank Haw

Important Frank Haws Western Stoneware Old Sleepy Eye
Blue & White Folk Art Lunch Hour Pitcher Signed FH 1910 »

Circa 1910: Here is the finest Western Stoneware lunch hour piece we have ever seen. Frank Haws, one of the most prolific, highly skilled, and important of Western's potters, crafted this exuberantly cobalt decorated Old Sleepy Pitcher in 1910. Lunch hour pitchers from Western Stoneware are highly prized, and pieces signed by known potters are extremely rare and desirable. This stunning one of a kind Illinois folk art stoneware pitcher is a fabulopus example of American folk art and could be the centerpiece in any advanced collection of Illinois stoneware or blue and white potttery.

For Sale: $2250

Rare Berlinware Early American Paint Decorated Document Box in Rare Blue Ground, Group Four Berlin Conneticut 19th Century Toleware Tinware for Sale

Rare Berlinware Early American Document Box »

Circa 1810: Paint decorated tinware box with rare blue ground from Berlin Conneticut, attributed to the group IV makers in Berlin, CT.

For Sale: $2795

Antique American Advertising Store Display Tin with Eagle in Red, Gold, Black and White from Denver Colorados 1920s Eagle Mills

Antique Eagle Mills General Store Countertop Spice Tin »

Circa 1920s: This neat 9 ¾” tall by 6 ¾” wide by 5” deep Denver, Colorado, Eagle Mills Pure Ground Country Store Spice Tin is a colorful example of roaring twenties advertising from the Mile High City’s burgeoning Platte River Valley mill industry in the post World War I American West. The bright gold, red, black, and white four-color paint scheme features an aggressive bald eagle standing proudly atop an American stars and bars shield. This tin beckons back to the high running patriotism in the booming economy between the first world war and the stock market crash of 1929. This wonderfully colorful reminder of the early 20th century west will fit perfectly into a country kitchen or country store collection.

For Sale: $225

Antique American Folk Art Painting on Board of Eagle on Perch Pennsylvania Origin

Antique American Folk Art Portrait of Palla’s Fish Eagle »

Circa 1900-1925: Measuring 28 ¼” x 17 ¼” including its original frame, this folksy rendition of Haliaeetus Leucoryphus, commonly known as Palla’s fish eagle and native to Asia, is the second example of this anonymous American folk artist’s bird portraits to pass through our hands.

For Sale: $1250

Wilkins Cast Iron Horse Drawn Broadway Lines Trolley Car  Circa 1890-1894

Wilkins Cast Iron Horse Drawn Broadway Trolley Car »

Circa 1890-1894 | Wilkins Cast Iron Horse Drawn Broadway Lines Trolley Car with white horse.

For Sale: $1,895

Folk Art Hooked Rug Horse Antique For Sale

Folk Art Horse Hooked Rug »

Circa 1890-1910: This fabulously folky and naive hooked rug depicts one full-bodied horse and one horse's head. The rug measures 25" by 17 1/2" including its unusual hand woven burlap fringe.

For Sale: $895

Antique Game: Early American Chiromagica: Hand of Fate: McLoughlin Bros. New York: Vintage Game for Sale

Chiromagica or the Hand of Fate: 1901, McLoughlin Bros. NY »

Circa 1903: McLoughlin Brothers second version of the popular question and answer game with moving pointing finger under glass. Striking wizard and eagle atop a globe by the premier chromolithographers at McLoughlin Bros.

For Sale: $495

Folk Art, Americana, Red White Blue Antique Hooked Rug, early 20th century

1938 Red, White and Blue Folk Art Hooked Rug »

Signed and Dated: EF '38, one of three by the same maker

Circa 1938: Strong and bold graphic content, great clor and whimsical theme, signed by EF '38, one of a trio of folk art hooked rugs by the same artist. Vibrant colors and superb graphic appeal.

For Sale: $550


Folk Art, Americana, Red White Blue Antique Hooked Rug, early 20th century

Folky, Whimsical Vintage Hooked Rug »

Signed: EF, one of three by the same maker

Circa 1930s: Charming and vibrant, signed EF , one of a trio of folk art hooked rugs by the same artist.

For Sale: $450

Folk Art George Washington Patriotic Americana Drawing mid 19th century. Pen and Ink Drawing Antique

Antique American Patriotic Folk Art Pen and Ink Drawing
of George Washington on Horseback  »

Circa 1850s: This charming folk art pen and ink drawing of General George Washington on horseback is surely modeled after the 1850 Currier and Ives print of the father of our country. Although the artist's attention to detail is commendable, it is through the naive yet pleasant depiction of our first President's face that the viewer can tell this is the work of a skilled but untrained artist. Note the two guache highlights, one on the boot and the other on Washington's eye, This is a fabulous and whimsical example of 19th century patriotic American folk art in which General Washington, atop his trusted steed, forever tips his hat to those who look his way.

For Sale: $650

Fok Art Schoolgirl Drawing Pen and Ink 1911

"Going to School" Pen and Ink Drawing »

Signed O.W. Clark 1911 on back: A charming red cloaked girl ties her boots and says, "Wait for me." Her lunch pail at her feet and a little petticoat showing. Sweet, naive watercolor, ink and graphite.

For Sale: $295

Rare Antique Sampler from Kokomo Indiana 1854 Woolwork

Historically Important 1819 New York Female Association School Sampler »

Circa 1819: Susan Anderson's rare and important antique American Quaker sampler has distinctive motifs that make it part of the important group of samplers described in Betty Ring's book (Vol ll,page 318) as The New York Female Association School group .What makes this so significant is the naming of the instructress Rebecca Leggett, the needlerwork teacher responsible for creating these highly identifiable motifs documented on the other  known examples.

For Sale: $2750

Hudson River Valley Historical Staffordshire

Park Theatre, New York | Historical Staffordshire »

Circa 1825-1832: Dark blue Historical Staffordshire ten inch dinner plate with acorn border from Stevenson and Williams.

For Sale: $550

Previously Sold Pieces:
Antique 1920s Four Color Wooden Trade Sign with Wrought Iron Frame

1920s Wooden River Room Trade Sign »

Circa 1920s: Measuring a substantive 60" wide by 15 1/2" tall, this beautiful four-color cut out River Room trade sign in its original custom made metal frame almost certainly hung in the River Room, a cafe in St. Paul, Minnesota's famous Dayton's department store.


Rare Antique Sampler from Kokomo Indiana 1854 Woolwork

Kokomo, Indiana 1854 Sarah Jenkins Woolwork American Sampler »

Circa 1854: Signed “Sarah Jenkins, her work aged 11 done in the year of our Lord 1854.” Adornment on this sampler includes a young girl holding a puppy in her lap, a man standing in front of a house, three birds, two butterflies, a buck deer, flowers, a vine border, rows of alphabets, numbers, family initials, and the inscription “Remember thy Creator in the days of thy youth.”


Buster Brown R Bliss School's Out Paper Litho Target Game For Sale from Z and K Antiques

Buster Brown School's Out Dart Board Target Game »

Circa 1902-1914: This Bliss paper litho on wood target game portrays Buster Brown in a messenger outfit, Mary Jane in a dress with a comical oversized bow, and Tige squeezing a pair of schoolbooks and sporting a party hat, the three of them caught forever winking at each other and ready to begin one of their famous pranks.


Wheeling WV Antique American Stoneware Merchant Jug S. Horkheimer and Son

S. Horkheimer and Son Wheeling WV 4 Gallon Double Handled Merchant Jug »

Circa 1880s: Double handled West Virginia merchant jugs are rare and desirable, and this spectacular S. Horkheimer and Son four gallon jug from Wheeling will put a smile on even the most advanced Pennsylvania and West Virginia stoneware collector's face. Simon Horkheimer and his son Myer ran a general store together in Wheeling in the 1880s until Simon's death in 1889.


Dark Town Battery Mechanical Bank For Sale

Dark Town Battery Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1888: Originally advertised as the Base Ball Bank, James H. Bowen’s superbly designed Dark Town Battery was manufactured and distributed by Cromwell, Connecticut’s J. & E. Stevens Company and stands as a lasting celebration of America’s first professional Negro Baseball League in 1887. This immensely popular and highly desirable mechanical bank is the finest piece of 19th century sporting Black Americana ever produced, and this example features and incredibly vibrant and nearly complete untouched paint decorated surface.



Jolly Nigger Antique Cast Iron Mechanical Bank in All Original Paint

Original J. & E. Stevens Cast Iron Jolly N Mechanical Bank »

Circa 1892: It is more than safe to say that the Jolly N is the most popular mechanical bank ever created because no other mechanical bank has been made in more variations, manufactured in more nations, or produced for a longer span of time. Here is a fine example of Stevens' version of the Jolly bank. It is completely original with no chips, cracks, or repairs and retains its original painted surface.


Early American Antique Painted Tin Toy Elephant on Base with Wheels

Antique Harris and Company Blackhawk Weathervane »

Circa Late 19th Century: This classic 26" Harris and Company Blackhawk weathervane from Boston MA is constructed of molded copper but for its zinc ears. The vane is 19 1/2" tall mounted on its museum stand and has an appealing surface. Two bullet hole repairs are evident on the mane under close inspection, and there are some minor age appropriate indentations. The conditon, patina, and originality of this handsome 19th century Boston MA weathervane from one of the premier manufacturers of its day is absolutely superb. The 26" size highly desirable because it can fit just about anywhere in the house and still make quite a statement. The weathervane is modeled after Blackhawk (1833-1856), an infamous trotter who sired 1,722 foals, including the storied Ethan Allen.


Antique Painted Wooden Sign: Chart Room Boat Sign, Vibrant and Colorful Antique American Sign for Sale

Antique Wooden Painted Sign "Chart Room" »

Nautical Boat Sign: Great, vibrant colors and skillful craftsmanship make these smaller signs a decorating delight. Obviously painted by a signmaker, these old boat signs in yellow, black and orange boast a great original surface and unsurpased visual appeal.


Antique Painted Wooden Sign: Wheel House Nautical Boat Sign, Vibrant and Colorful Antique American Sign for Sale

Antique Wooden Painted Sign "Wheel House"»

Nautical Boat Sign: Great, vibrant colors and skillful craftsmanship make these smaller signs a decorating delight. Obviously painted by a signmaker, these old boat signs in yellow, black and orange boast a great original surface and unsurpased visual appeal.


Double Sided Parcheesi and Checkers Antique Game Board

Double Sided Parcheesi / Checkers Board in Original Paint »

Circa 1870s: Both sides of this striking 15 3/4" square nine-color antique game board are incredibly graphic with super visual pop, high contrast, and the best original painted surface. The wonderful star corner blocks on the Parcheesi board attract the eye, point the viewer to the game's central home square, and symbolize America's centennial anniversary and the coming together of a healing nation in the decade after the Civil War. The reverse is equally pleasing with its checkerboard and its spectacular dry and undisturbed first surface.


Antique American Hand Painted Fraktur 19th Century Mennonite Indiana Paint Decorated Family Record

Antique American Hand Painted Fraktur from Adams Co., Indiana
Mennonite Family Record  »

Circa 1882: Antique American hand painted fraktur. Measures 28" x 22". All original Family Record with painted bird, large red flowers, vines and other motifs. Striking Red, blue and green with applied gold and exquisite attention to detail with the abundant flourishes of decoration. Housed in a period Eastlake frame with acid free backing between the original board backing and painting.


19th Century Antique Oil Paiting on Canvas Portraits from Monmouth Illinois Rare Pair 1830s Midwestern Portraits Americana
19th Century Antique Oil Paiting on Canvas Portraits from Monmouth Illinois Rare Pair 1830s Midwestern Portraits Americana

Pair of Rare 19th Century Illinois Portraits »

Circa 1850: Because Illinois did not become a state until 1818 and was considered rugged territory until after the Civil War, fine antebellum Illinois oil on canvas paintings are scarce indeed, and having identifed sitters makes this pair of potraits of William Clark (1808-1888) and Margaret "Mary" J. Clark, nee Black (1804-1876) an exceptional find. The inscriptions "Painted 1850" and "Mary J. Black married William Clark of Monmouth Ill. 1838" are impressed into the back side of the frame of Mrs. Clark's likeness. The Clarks had one child, James B. Clark (1841-1907), who served in the Illinois infantry during the Civil War and later became a lawyer, and William Clark is documented as being Monmouth Township's assistant supervisor in 1865. Both William and Mary Clark are buried in Monmouth, Illinois.

This striking couple is clearly well to do as they are dressed in upscale fashions of the day and Mrs. Clark is pictured in all her finery, an indication the Clarks spared no expense in the execution of their likenesses. Although the canvases are unsigned, it is obvious that the anonymous painter had great skill and was a seasoned portrait artist. These wonderful examples of Midwestern folk art have resided in a private collection for the last 20 years. It is not often one has the opportuity to own market fresh museum quality 19th century Illinois folk art, and it would behoove the advanced Midwestern folk art collector to give these handsome portraits serious consideration.


Full Bodied Harris and Company Dexter Running Horse Weathervane For Sale

Signed Harris and Co. Dexter Full-Bodied Running Horse Weathervane »

Circa Late 19th Century: This 27" Harris running horse weathervane is constructed of molded gilt copper, has zinc ears, and is stamped "HARRIS and Co." in tiny letters on one side of the horse. The vane is 18 1/2" tall mounted on its museum stand and has a superb original surface. A single bullet hole has been repaired on one side of the weathervane. The conditon, patina, and originality of this handsome 19th century Boston MA weathervane from one of the premier manufacturers of its day is absolutely superb.


Antique American New England Country Primitive Folk Art Hand Painted Corn Meal Country General Store Bakery Firkin Labeled Indian Meal

19th Century Painted Indian Meal Firkin »

Circa Late 19th Century: This truly unusual original polychromatic paint decorated 19th century firkin was used to store Indian Meal, a course ground cornmeal used in baking. The term "Indian meal" was first coined in 1609 when the whites began to emigrate from Europe to the American shores and began integrating Native American tribal foods into their daily diet. Standing just over 13" tall not including the handle and measuring 11 1/2" in diameter at the top and just over a foot at the bottom, this large firkin was most certainly a mercantile piece from a general store or bakery who would have the need to carry bulk staples in easily movable labeled large containers made out of wood rather than heavy and difficult to move stoneware storage containers.



Antique Game Board  American Conneticut Checker Board in Original Paint

Antique American 4 Color Paint Decorated Game Board »

Circa 1880: Here is a wonderful four-color checkerboard in an unusual and pleasing color scheme: brown, hunter green, mustard, and black. This Connecticut gameboard was obviously made by a professional, perhaps a carriage painter as evidenced by the thin green border and well-painted squares, and is in untouched original condition with the good, honest wear advanced collectors like to see. This lovely antique checkerboard is an excellent example of 19th century American folk art and will compliment any collection of early game boards, antique country primitves, or high quality americana.


Black Americana Antique Folk Art OOB Portrait 1965 Black Girl, Pink Dress, Gold Cross, Civil Rights Era Outsider Art Painting for Sale

American Outsider Art, Folk Art Painting on Board »

Circa 1965: This wonderful 16" x 20" outsider folk art portrait housed in its orginal 23" x 27" pine frame depicts a young African American girl in a pink dress with pink ribbons in her hair and a gold cross around her neck. Found in a farmhouse in Southwestern Indiana between Terre haute and Vincennes, this painting was created in 1965 when the civil rights movement was heating up in the cities across America. Note that this painting is not a depiction of stereotypical black Americana but is that of a young Christian black child with a surprised, yet sad and almost frightened expression on her innocent face, making this work reminiscent of the black church bombings happening in the 1960s American South. This finely done oil on board also hearkens both the complexity of Cezanne's island portraits and the violent naivete of Jean Dubuffet's brute art.


Antique Gameboard Double Sided Paint Decorated Patriotic American Flags 19th Century

Antique Original Paint Decorated Gameboard Native American »

Circa 1920s-1930s: Small traveling gameboards in original paint are rare and desirable, and this five-color Native American made 9 1/4" square gameboard with Indian Friendship signs (also called Rolling Logs) with patriotic red, white, and blue paint is rare indeed.


Antique American Hooked Rug Folk Art Rooster Fight Cocks Cock Fighting

Folk Art Fighting Cocks Hooked Rug »

Circa 1936: The rooster is one of the iconic images in American folk art, and this rare 32" x 23" fighting cocks hooked rug has all the bells and whistles that the advanced collector expects in a piece of this quality.



Antique Mechanical Cast Iron Clown on Globe Bank in Original Paint

Antique Mechanical Painted Cast Iron Clown on Globe Bank »

Very nice, working, original condition on this Antique Mechanical Clown on Globe Bank. Yellow based version also sports a unique ruffle, hat and costume combination.



Antique Gameboard Double Sided Paint Decorated Patriotic American Flags 19th Century

Antique American Double Sided Gameboard with Hand Painted
Scenes and Patriotic Shields »

Last Quarter 19th Century: Double sided gameboard with checkers on one side, embellished with four different hand painted scenes and patriotic flag and stars shields with excessive flourishes. The reverse is equally stunning with graphic and bold backgammon in orange, green, yellow and black with exhuberant and highly skilled flourishes. This gameboard is a delight, and of a rare, high calibar that doesn't surface frequently. Just acquired. Measures roughly 17" square


W.S. Reed Toy Company The Five Jolly Darkies Way down in Old Virginia The Old Plantation Black Americana

Antique Paper Chromolitho Black Americana Mechanical Toy »

1881-1896: W.S. Reed Toy Company was founded in 1881 in Leominster Massachusetts. Interesting paper chromo-litho depicting a two man band consisting of a fiddle player and a bones player. Bones is a musical clacking of loose rib bones, or simple sticks, that produce a much sharper sound than the zydeco or washboard and mimicsrattling a bone up and down a fixed ribcage. Nice to see a depiction of Early African American folk art music, rather than some of the more derogatory scenes. Wooden crank on side moves characters up and down and produces the clacking sound.


Antique Folk Art Patriotic Americana Civil War Footstool Original Paint Surface Decoration Red Brown Gold

Folk Art Soldier's Home Paint Decorated Footstool »

Circa 1880s: This patriotic footstool was made in a Soldier's Home by a disabled Union veteran of the Civil War, retains its original polychromatic painted surface, and measures in the neighborhood of 12" wide and 10" tall.



Antique Halloween Dancing Witch and Pumpkin Windup German Paper Mache Toy

Antique Halloween Windup Toy Dancing Witch and Pumpkin »

Collectors of early toys, windups and halloween toys will rejoice at this example. Perfectly preserved and working, this rare antique Halloween windup of a dancing witch and pumpkin wheels playfully around. Recently acquired and fresh to the market the condition of this example is stupendous.


Antique Abe Lincoln Carved Bust Patriotic Historical Americana Abe Abraham Memorialbila For Sale

Abe Lincoln Carved Bust »

Circa 1900-1920: Measuring 9 ½” tall and 5” wide, this exquisitely rendered and beautifully painted one piece wooden bust of President Abraham Lincoln is a prime example of the patriotic folk art created around the celebration of our 16th President’s 100th birthday in 1909 when sparks of nationalistic pride ignited across the country. Lincoln’s bust was even unveiled on the penny that year, and other images of our first assassinated leader appeared on prints, advertisements, bookends, pottery, and a wide assortment of mass-produced goods. It follows, of course, that anonymous untrained American folk artists also paid tribute to Honest Abe with their one of a kind handmade objects.


Antique Historical Staffordshire Platter Flow Blue 19th Century Cape Coast Castle on the Gold Coast Africa

16 1/2" Historical Staffordshire Platter:
Cape Coast Castle on the Gold Coast Africa »

Circa 1820-1840: This stunning Enoch Woods historical Staffordshire platter in the highly desirable dark blue transfer with classic shell border depicts ships anchored just off Cape Coast Castle, which was used in the early 19th century transatlantic slave trade that delivered slaves from Africa's Gold Coast to American shores .It is difficult to find early items related to the American slave trade, and this platter is an important representation of how the labor force that helped build our cities and plant our fields came to America.


Antique American Needlework Rare Michigan Schoolgirl Sampler Signed and Dated For Sale

Antique American Folk Art Michigan Schoolgirl Sampler»

Signed "Eliza H. Booth Mich. Aged 10 Years 1850": Michigan samplers are rare, and even advanced collectors can go a lifetime without holding one in their hands. This scarce antique Midwestern textile measures 18 1/2" wide and 8 1/2" tall and is housed in a 22" X 12" frame.


Patriotic GAR Oil on Canvas with Eagle, Flags, and Cannons: Antique American Folk Art Painting

Antique Folk Art Patriotic Americana Painting (GAR) »

Circa 1880s: Oil on canvas Americana painting with eagle on sheild, flags and cannons. Great whimsical and naive composition repeating cross shapes.


Antique Sampler Earl American Needlework 19th Century Folk Art

1845 Mary Martin Sampler »

Dated 1845: I know that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth. Mary Martin, Ardwick, Oct. 8, 1845


Patriotic, Americana, Red White Blue Antique Hooked Rug

Red, White and Blue Americana Patriotic Hooked Rug »

Circa 1920-1940: Wonderful color on this art deco era, clam shell, red white and blue antique americana hooked rug.



Americana Folk Art Antique American Trade Sign Barber Pole

Painted Wooden Barber Pole Antique Trade Sign »

Circa 1900-1925: This handsome red and white striped antique Barber Pole has great visual appeal and is small enough to fit just about anywhere. This fine early trade sign will compliment any collection of American folk art or Americana.


Antique American Patriotic Folk Art War Eagle Carving For Sale

Antique American Patriotic Folk Art War Eagle Carving »

Circa 1890-1910: Measuring 24" X 9" and grasping an arrow in its talons, this fine late 19th or early 20th century hand-carved pine war eagle was discovered on an old building in Ipswitch, Massachusetts and shows a weathered surface appropriate for its age. Note that the our nation's symbol is presented with its wings spread, making it seem as if the carving is soaring across the skies with an arrow in tow.


American Folk Art of Archie Zimmerman

Archie Zimmerman Folk Art Collection »

This sizable museum quality collection is truly a treasure trove of American polychromatic folk art, all hand made by Plumville, Pennsylvania born carver Archie Zimmerman (1861-1961).

Archie Zimmerman Folk Art Collection

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