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Early American Antique Advertising:
Trade Signs, Early Packaging, Historical and Paint Decorated Antique Signs for Sale

Rare Midwestern Antique American Tin Litho Advertising: 1920s Sweet Girl Brand Peanut Butter Tin

Scarce Sweet Girl Brand Peanut Butter One Pound Tin »

Circa 1920s: Distributed in the Midwestern United States by the Geo. Rasmussen Co. of Chicago IL, Minneapolis MN, Milwaukee WI, and Des Moines IA, this eye catching one pound bail handled Sweet Girl Peanut Butter tin is a fabulous and hard to find example of early 20th century American tin lithograph advertising with its patriotic red, white, and blue color scheme on a soft baby blue ground.

For Sale: $495

Antique American Advertising Store Display Tin with Eagle in Red, Gold, Black and White from Denver Colorados 1920s Eagle Mills

Antique Eagle Mills General Store Countertop Spice Tin »

Circa 1920s: This neat 9 ¾” tall by 6 ¾” wide by 5” deep Denver, Colorado, Eagle Mills Pure Ground Country Store Spice Tin is a colorful example of roaring twenties advertising from the Mile High City’s burgeoning Platte River Valley mill industry in the post World War I American West. The bright gold, red, black, and white four-color paint scheme features an aggressive bald eagle standing proudly atop an American stars and bars shield. This tin beckons back to the high running patriotism in the booming economy between the first world war and the stock market crash of 1929. This wonderfully colorful reminder of the early 20th century west will fit perfectly into a country kitchen or country store collection.

For Sale: $225

Antique Drug Store Paint Decorated 19th Century American Countertop Apothecary Cabinet with Original Surface

Antique American Paint Decorated Apothecary Cabinet »

Circa 1880s: This highly unusual Victorian era countertop apothecary retaining its superb original red and black paint decoration was most probably perched in an old Midwestern pharmacy. The lead weightsthat help the tambour door work properly are signed "Raymond Lead Co. Chicago Ill." and point to the petitie cupboard's Midwestern origins. In 1880, the Raymond Lead Company opened its doors in the windy city a scant eight years after the great Chicago fire, and the dark red and black paint scheme is consistent with furniture made in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania during that time frame. The cabinet also utilizes both square and round nail construction, which also points to its fourth quarter 19th century origin. A mortar and pestle, the traditional pharmacy trade sign morif, adorns the cabinet's crown and is flanked by a pair of cut out four leaf clovers, a symbol of good luck for whoever might purchase the pharmacy's tinctures. This lovely paint decorated cupboard would make a perfect spice cabinet and would be at home in any fine collection of early American advertising, trade signs, or country store merchandise.

For Sale: $2950

Antique American Advertisng Cetacolor Linen Banner

Cetacolor Advertising Linen Banner»

Superb graphics, vibrant color, and excellent condition make this early 20th century American printed linen banner very appealing to the eye.

For Sale: $395

Early Philadelphia American Porcelin Druggist Box Advertising

Purified Charcoal Tooth Paste »

This porcelain black transferware charcoal toothpaste container, marked X. Bazin Perfumer, Philadelphia is an unusual example of early American advertising. Imagine brushing your teeth with this fine product!

For Sale: $295

Previously Sold Pieces:
Antique 1920s Four Color Wooden Trade Sign with Wrought Iron Frame

1920s Wooden River Room Trade Sign »

Circa 1920s: Measuring a substantive 60" wide by 15 1/2" tall, this beautiful four-color cut out River Room trade sign in its original custom made metal frame almost certainly hung in the River Room, a cafe in St. Paul, Minnesota's famous Dayton's department store.


Wheeling WV Antique American Stoneware Merchant Jug S. Horkheimer and Son

S. Horkheimer and Son Wheeling WV 4 Gallon Double Handled Merchant Jug »

Circa 1880s: Double handled West Virginia merchant jugs are rare and desirable, and this spectacular S. Horkheimer and Son four gallon jug from Wheeling will put a smile on even the most advanced Pennsylvania and West Virginia stoneware collector's face. Simon Horkheimer and his son Myer ran a general store together in Wheeling in the 1880s until Simon's death in 1889.


Antique Painted Wooden Sign: Chart Room Boat Sign, Vibrant and Colorful Antique American Sign for Sale

Antique Wooden Painted Sign »

Nautical Boat Sign: Great, vibrant colors and skillful craftsmanship make these smaller signs a decorating delight. Obviously painted by a signmaker, these old boat signs in yellow, black and orange boast a great original surface and unsurpased visual appeal.


Antique Painted Wooden Sign: Wheel House Nautical Boat Sign, Vibrant and Colorful Antique American Sign for Sale

Antique Wooden Painted Sign "Wheel House"»

Nautical Boat Sign: Great, vibrant colors and skillful craftsmanship make these smaller signs a decorating delight. Obviously painted by a signmaker, these old boat signs in yellow, black and orange boast a great original surface and unsurpased visual appeal.


Antique American Advertising Drug Store Display Tin in Red Green Gold from W. F. Smiths City

W.F. Smiths CIty Drug Store Painted Tin Store Container »

Circa 1880s: Springfield Ohio— Antique country store merchant tins are usually large and cumbersome, but this petite red, green, and gold W. F. Smith City Drug Store stenciled tin with its unusual wooden teardrop pull and beautiful original surface is a truly charming example of late 19th to early 20th century American advertising. This lovely countertop tin has a great primitive look and will be a super addition to any collection of early advertising, country store, or primitive antique Americana.


Early American Advertising Paper Label Coffee Can with Radio Show

1930 Hello World Doggone Coffee Tin »

Paper label, packaged for Radio Station KWKH, Diamond Coffee Mills, Shreveport, Louisiana. Great early radio advertising!


Antique American Country Primitive Hand Painted Green FIrkin labeled G. Cassia Large Store Spice Container

Antique Country Primitive Original Painted Green Firkin »

Circa 1870-1890: This truly unusual original mustard and green paint decorated 19th century firkin lwas used to store ground (or as the script on the bottom of the lid documents, "pulverized") cassia bark, also known as Chinese Cinnamon, an aromatic spice similar to and often used in conjunction with cinnamon. Cassia is used to flavor many cooked dishes, but it is an especially popular ingredient in liquer and chocolate recipes. Standing nearly 12" tall sans handle and measuring 11 1/2" in diameter at the top and just over a foot at the bottom, this large firkin was most certainly a mercantile piece from a general store, bakery, or confectionary because only a commercial enterprise would have the need to house cassia in such abundance, thus making the spice bucket's highly exotic painted moniker extremely rare.


New York Antique Key Maker Trade Sign: Keil

Keil Keys | New York | Trade Sign »

Fabulous double sided litho printed sign. Excellent condtion and great graphics on this rare die cut trade sign


Plow Boy Tobacco Can St. Louis MO Mint Condition Paper Label Antique American Advertising

Plow Boy Tobacco Can with Paper Label »

Excellent condition on this early Plow Boy Tobacco Can from St. Louis, MO.


Game Fine Cut Tobacco Bin John J. Bagley & Co. Detroit Michigan Antique American Advertising For Sale

Antique Game Fine Cut Tobacco Country Store Bin »

Circa 1910, John J. Bagley and Company Tobacco, Detroit, Michigan: Here is a stunning example of the high quality of early 20th century American tin lithography. Measuring 11 1/2" wide, 7" tall, and 8" deep, this gorgeous antique general store tobacco bin features a six color tin lithograph of a pair of grouse feeding on the American prairie, thus celebrating the natural beauty of the great plains.


Antique American Advertising Sure Shot Tobacco Bin with Indian Brave For Sale

Sure Shot Chewing Tobacco Country Store Bin»

Circa 1910: At 15" wide, 8" tall, and 10 1/2" deep, this formidably sized and highly desirable Sure Shot Tobacco Bin is one of the iconic pieces of antique American advertising. The image of the Indian brave with his bow drawn hearkens back to the nostalgia for and romance of the wild west and celebrates the tremendous natural beauty and seemingly endless expanse of the western wilderness. Condition on this excellent general store tobacco bin is superb, making this a very fine example of early 20th century tin lithography with graphics that are hard to beat!


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